Building It: How Adam Hardej is Changing Fundraising with Open Scout

February 23, 2021

February 23, 2021

2:00 PM To 3:00 PM

Online Only


Event Description

Need a little founder inspiration? Join us as we chat with Adam Hardej, founder of Open Scout, for this edition of Building It.

Join us virtually for an afternoon with Adam Hardej, the Founder of OnePager, which allows founders to share their pitch deck, demo video, socials and more from a single URL.

Adam will talk to us about how he got his start, his experience as an entrepreneur, how he went about founding and building OnePager.

He will also answer all of your questions about entrepreneurship, fundraising and more live.

About Adam:

Adam Hardej is the Founder of OnePager, a tool for founders to consolidate and share their startup’s information.

Adam studied Economics at Princeton University with the goal of starting a career in investment banking. During his sophomore year, Adam began an internship at an emerging markets hedge fund where he began brainstorming side projects, ultimately leading him to start Tiger Bed Rentals, a service which rented full-sized beds to college students who were typically stuck in twin beds.

While trying to fundraise for Tiger Bed Rentals, Adam realized his lack of network was impacting his success. The pain points he experienced during this process ultimately lead to him founding Open Scout, which has launched on 33 college campuses so far.

About OnePager:

OnePager is a tool for founders to consolidate and share their startup’s information. With OnePager, founders can bring together their company overview, team info, pitch deck, demo video, FAQs, and more under an easily shared URL with privacy settings and analytics built in. OnePagers are used by founders for sharing new projects, fundraising, sales, and recruiting.

Currently, founders have to use static PDFs, limited smart link tools, or spend days building a new landing page to share important information with external stakeholders. Ultimately, OnePager is a storytelling tool for founders that enables them to better communicate who they are, what their building, where they’re headed, and what they need.


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