The UofT AI Conference

January 15, 2021

January 16, 2021

12:00 PM To 10:00 PM

Online Only

$20 - $60

Event Description

The goal of this event is to inspire the next generation of leaders in AI to take action on our most urgent global issues.

The UofT AI Conference will be composed of talks from world-renowned experts (featuring a keynote by Professor Emeritus Geoffrey Hinton) with significant research accomplishments, entrepreneurship success and even appearances from the Netflix Special The Social Dilemma. The conference will be held virtually in a simulated environment that allows for vivid interactions between speakers and attendees (watch this short video). A preliminary list of our main talks is below, the finalized schedule will be sent out after the purchase of the tickets.

Friday, Jan 15:

14:00–15:00: Geoffrey Hinton

15:00–15:30: Sara Hooker –* 15:00–15:30: Ben-Zion

15:30–16:00: Sara Hooker –* 15:30–16:00: “`Ken Ho

16:00–16:30: Vivienne Ming –* 16:00–16:30: autodriveUToronto

16:30–17:00: Vivienne Ming –* 16:30–17:00: Alan Aspuru Guzik

17:00–18:00: Max Tegmark

18:00–19:00: Anna Lembke –* 18:00–19:00: Patricia Thaine

19:00–20:00: Panel: Topics in AI x Health

Saturday, Jan 16:

10:00–11:00: Priya Dontin

11:00–12:00: Trent Grey-Donald (IBM)

12:00–13:00: David Rolnick

13:00–14:00: Panel: AI to fight climate change

14:00–15:00: Sasha Luccioni –* 14:00–14:30: Brent Barron

–*: simultaneous events

We encourage you to read the full description of our speakers on our Facebook Page.


From climate change to political polarization, global pandemics to mental illness, we live in a world characterized by a web of urgent crises. The time to meet the challenges of the future is now.

Is artificial intelligence our way to utopia? Or is machine learning tearing us apart?

The University of Toronto AI conference will be a two day event, attempting to answer these questions. A multidisciplinary gathering of the brightest minds from across the world with the goal of inspiring the next generation of thinkers, this is not an event to miss.

The conference will be taking place on the 15th and 16th of January 2021 and we are expecting over 2000 students, researchers, and industry leaders.


The conference will focus on the application of machine learning for tackling global issues such as climate change, as well as the future of AI research and industry.

Our annual research competition, ProjectX, is also focused on Climate Change this year. Winners from the ProjectX competition ( will be invited to present their work.

CONFERENCE FORMAT (simulated reality)

To ensure the safety of our attendees and speakers as well as the accessibility of our event, we have decided to host the conference virtually in 2021.

We understand that this may be disappointing to some, as it certainly is for us. However, we plan to meet the challenge of hosting an event virtually, while maintaining our standard for excellence head-on. Here is our plan:

  1. We are tentatively moving forward with the simulated reality platform, VirBELA for boothing and networking focused programming.
  2. All talks will be prerecorded and, when possible, include a live Q&A after streaming.
  3. Panels will be streamed live and will be recorded for attendees to access after our event concludes.

SPEAKERS (weekly reveals: Facebook Event for updates)

The list below is partial. This year’s full preliminary speaker list will be released in November 2020.

At our past events, we have had: Professor Emeritus and ACM Turing Award Winner Geoffrey Hinton, Co-Founder of Vector Institute and Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Radical Ventures Jordan Jacobs, Chief Data Scientist at CIBC Andrew Brown, Jimoh Ovbiagele ROSS Intelligence, and Elissa Strome, Research and Executive Director of Pan-Canadian AI Strategy at CIFAR.


Our events and initiatives are made possible by our incredible group of partners:


University of Toronto Artificial Intelligence

About the Organizers

UofT AI is the student group at the University of Toronto focused on kick-starting students' careers in artificial intelligence.

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