FT Live: Asia’s Climate-Change Challenge

November 24, 2021

November 24, 2021

5:00 PM To 7:35 PM

Online: JST (JPN)



Event Description

A virtual event presented by the Financial Times and Nikkei Asia
As the health crisis abates and global economic recovery begins, tackling climate change will again be front and centre in government chambers and corporate boardrooms. This is imperative in Asia, where much of the new and revived economic activity is likely to happen. How will the region’s governments adapt policies to meet the ever-growing climate-change crisis, even as they re-boot their economies? How will they prioritise funding and resources for the climate emergency? How effective have regional countries been in implementing their Nationally Determined Contributions, the climate-action plan to cut emissions and adapt to climate change? For their part, how will companies—among the biggest creators of not only economic activity but also climate detritus—handle the predicament? Will they allocate greater resources and financing to meet decarbonisation goals? Are public and private partnerships the best way forward to reduce emissions? Will climate change be framed as a moral necessity?

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (better known as COP26) in Glasgow in November will discuss these and other urgent issues, and is expected to show the path ahead for workable policies on resolving a climate emergency that has continued in tandem with the pandemic.

The FT-Nikkei event, the last in a series of four, will be held after COP26 and will examine the outcome of the conference’s high-level deliberations, with particular reference to Asia, and will explore the extent to which the region’s governments, businesses and activists are readying for climate change. Asia’s Climate-Change Challenge will gather policy-makers, academics, activists, companies, economists and experts to discuss how to find the right way forward.


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