How to Build a Fundable Startup BEFORE Fundraising

Dec 9, 2022

Dec 9, 2022

9:00 am To 10:00 am

Online: PT (USA)


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Focus on fundability, not fundraising. Fundable startups get the best fundraising deals.

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Too many founders chase startup funds before they are fundable. Premature fundraising results in wasted time and effort. Even if funds are raised, they come at lower valuation, with investor-friendly terms, often from less qualified investors.

Building a fundable startup requires seven key elements:


Funding strategy






Over 90% of startups fail. Learn how each of these seven keys dramatically improve your chance of success.

Fundable Startups provides coaching, training, and tools that helps founders build healthy, fundable companies. As a published author and a CEO, CTO or Tech VP of 5 startups with 3 exits, Sam Wong leads Fundable Startups in creating premium, deep-dive, visual training and tools to help founders with great execution.

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