FIS & TechCrunch Webinar: Key APIs for Faster Builds in Embedded Finance

September 20, 2021

September 20, 2021

9:00 AM To 10:00 AM

Online: PDT (USA)


Event Description

Banks, ISV’s, Fintechs and startups are driving innovative changes to meet financial and non-financial customers wherever they are in their purchasing journey. The entire ecosystem is growing at an unprecedented pace with new problems to be solved every day.

Whether you think of yourself as a fintech or not – regardless of industry, you need to understand how to leverage financial APIs to deliver the best customer experience. This 45-minute session will cover our shared expertise across financial services, spanning lending, banking and financial wellness and explore the key APIs that are building up the vast embedded finance ecosystem.

Join FIS and partners us as we discuss the latest fintech insights and let’s find out: How fast can we go?

Key Insights:

The current state of embedded finance ecosystem and opportunity for technologists
How non-financial companies can operate and think like a Fintech to deliver a better customer experience
Discussion on the future state of open banking, embedded finance and currency
Added Bonus:

The FIS Venture Center actively incubates and supports all types of startups within the fintech community. Be the next member!



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