Women on Tech

September 10, 2020

September 10, 2020

8:00 PM To 9:30 PM

Online Only



Event Description

How Are Female Entrepreneurs Using Technology to Tackle Global Challenges?

About the Event

The unprecedented global lock down exposed the fragilities within the world’s technological infrastructure. Despite the unknown consequences, entrepreneurs have been eyeing this moment as a perfect storm replete with opportunities for building out the next natural phase for humanity – The Digital Age. Pioneers have been doubling down on nascent technologies such as AI, Blockchain and Data Analytics as industries with robust potential for repairing current challenges and improving the living standards for people across the globe.

Aves Lair partnered with She Loves Tech to showcase women in leadership playing key roles in engimatic technologies to solve challenges at the global level. This moderated panel will highlight the panelists’ projects, stories and the many valuable insights they have to share on the current tech startup environment in their respective industry and region.

About the Moderator

Charlie Oliver

Founder/CEO, Tech 2025 and Served Fresh Media

At Served Fresh Media, Charlie Oliver and her team provide enterprise companies with digital marketing strategy, events marketing, and product development services. In January 2017, driven by a passion to help the public to understand and participate actively in the next technological revolution, Charlie launched Tech 2025 — a community and platform for professionals to learn about the next wave of disruptive, emerging technologies, with an emphasis on problem-solving.

Having produced over 80 events since they launched, coupled with providing professional services, Tech 2025 has quickly gained a reputation for helping professionals and companies to understand and embrace emerging technologies and the whirlwind changes they bring, and to strategize for the future impact of accelerating innovation. Charlie’s personal mantra is, “Be fearless and unapologetic in the fierce pursuit of your goals and be just as passionate about helping people.”

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About the Panelists

Alisa Gus

Co-Founder and CEO at WishKnish

Alisa is the CEO and co-founder of WishKnish, a distributed ledger technology company responding to a global need for transparency, democracy, and accessibility. Alisa’s entire career of working in the Technology industry as a founder, changemaker, advisor, combined with her extensive experience in marketing and business strategy have led to the creation of WishKnish, and inspired transformative technological innovation.

As a female founder, Alisa saw first-hand the challenges encountered by entrepreneurs across multiple verticals, forming the inspiration for what eventually became the cutting-edge distributed application solution known as Knish.IO, being used by key organizations, both in the nonprofit sector and across corporations, to rapidly iterate, deploy, and scale robust dApps with zero blockchain knowledge required.

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Elena Obukhova

Founder and CEO at FAS | Fintech Advisory Services

Elena is an entrepreneur and business strategist. She is a founder & CEO at FAS, an advisory firm that helps SMBs to apply blockchain and fintech technologies as well as helps startups with venture building and facilitates their fundraising journey. Elena is also a founder of make.A.vent, an e-meetup platform with networking experience.

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Anna Ratala

CEO & Co-founder at Zvook

Zvook’s vision is to become the world’s biggest recommendation platform for podcast advertising that enables audio storytellers of any size to monetize their content. Through AI and smart bundles, Zvook is able to help content creators earn money and brands easily find shows that are aligned with their message and target audience. Zvook is co-founded by CEO Anna Ratala who has a background in B2B sales from the media analytics industry. Having lived in Southeast Asia for almost a decade, she started one of the region’s most prominent tech startup events, Slush Singapore. Zvook is a VC backed startup, preparing for its next financing round at the end of 2020

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Xiaoyin Qu

CEO of RunTheWorld

Xiaoyin Qu is the founder and CEO of Run The World, the leading online events platform for communities to interact with each other. Run The World raised $15M from leading investors such as Andreessen Howoritz, Founders Fund, Will Smith and Kevin Hart. She previously led products for both Facebook and Instagram. She dropped out of Stanford’s MBA program after a year to start Run The World.

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About the Organizers :

She Loves Tech

She Loves Tech is the world’s largest competition for women and technology taking place in more than 20+ countries this year. Over the past 4 years, startups who have joined She Loves Tech have raised over $70 million in funding for companies all around the world. She Loves Tech aims to empower women and assist in the development of female leaders in the tech industry. For more information follow us on Instagram @SheLovesTechOrg or email us at info@shelovestech.org

Aves Lair

Nestled in the SoHo district of Manhattan, the Aves Lair Accelerator program is a carefully crafted collaboration between Lair East and N&T Labs. Together, the two companies strategically fused their unique and complementary qualities to create a potent, resource-filled environment that will empower startups and tech founders to organically scale their businesses by applying cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of A.I. and blockchain technology.

About the Sponsors

THEDEx by Lair East

THEDEx by Lair East is an event subsidiary whose primary objective is to raise awareness of prescient technologies in society. We are passionate about the sharing of knowledge within the technology community and envision a space that fosters peer to peer connections and exchange of information.

Our premium events are perfect for individuals who are interested in learning more about the emerging technologies of Blockchain, AI, and Big Data. Our speakers are pioneers within their respective industries and provide valuable insights into the fast-paced and ever-changing tech world.


Tech 2025 (launched in 2017) is a learning platform and innovation community for professionals and organizations to learn about (and prepare for) the accelerating global disruption that will happen over the next 5 years, due to emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR/XR, Driverless Vehicles, Robot Automation, 3D Printing, Biotech, Space Tech, Drones, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Sustainable Technologies. to effectively implement emerging technologies, how to prepare for the near-future, and how to actively participate in developing innovative solutions that will carry us into the NEW, post-pandemic future.

FAS | Fintech Advisory Services

With in-depth knowledge of Asian, European, and North American markets and understanding of Blockchain and Fintech technologies, FAS offers a full scale of advisory and venture building services. A decentralized team of professionals brings expertise in strategic marketing & planning, business analytics, finance, crypto, and blockchain to facilitate the business growth of SMBs. In addition to the consulting business, the company bridges the gap in the venture capital field by helping promising tech startups to access investments and required resources.


THEDEx by Lair East


About the Organizers

A collective with an established presence and base in New York City. The company's primary objective is to raise awareness of prescient technologies in society. THEDEx by Lair East facilitates exposure of established projects in Blockchain, A.I. and Big Data to help build community awareness while providing a favorable environment to meet and connect. We invite pioneers and notable speakers to share their insights. In addition, the company hosts bi-weekly Meetup events and semi-annual conferences.  

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