Why Startups Fail: A Conversation with Harvard Professor Tom Eisenmann

May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021

1:00 PM To 2:00 PM

Online: EDT (USA)



Event Description

Tom Eisenmann joins us for a conversation about his research into why startups fail on May 3rd.

As a Harvard Business School professor for the past 24 years, Tom Eisenmann has guided over 1,000 Harvard Business students and alumni as they launched new ventures—many, to massive success, including Stitch Fix, Cloudflare, and Oscar Health.

Around 2013, though, a few former students launched startups that, despite Eisenmann’s coaching, encouragement, and in one case, even his investment, failed. To his frustration, as a leading expert on entrepreneurship, he couldn’t explain why these startups failed after diligently following the HBS playbook for startup success.

And so, Eisenmann set out to research startup failure in order to better understand startup success. He read what little had been written on the topic, spoke to scores of failed entrepreneurs and investors who backed them, wrote two dozen case studies of failed ventures, and fielded an original survey of 470 founders that yielded some eye-opening results.

Join us on Monday, May 3rd as Tom speaks with us about his findings, advice for entrepreneurs, pitfalls to avoid and more.


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