The Fifth Annual Bioelectronic Medicine Summit: October 11-12, 2022

Oct 11, 2022

Oct 12, 2022

8:00 am To 8:00 pm

45 7th Street, Garden City, NY 11530

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Event Description

Welcome to the Fifth Bioelectronic Medicine Summit – Bioelectronic Medicine: Today’s Tools, Tomorrow’s Therapies

The Feinstein Institutes’ Institute of Bioelectronic Medicine and The Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science invite you to attend the 2022 Fifth Bioelectronic Medicine Summit in New York on October 11-12th.

***CALL FOR POSTER SUBMISSION – deadline to submit is September 17 – FURTHER DETAILS ARE BELOW***

Bioelectronic medicine is an emerging field at the convergence of molecular medicine, neuroscience and technology with the aim of developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. This meeting will call international attention to bioelectronic medicine as the platform for new developments in healthcare, technology, and science. Leaders in bioelectronic medicine will discuss current progress, challenges, and future developments.

Summit Chairs: Yousef Al-Abed, PhD – Professor and Co-Director of The Institute of Bioelectronic Medicine (IBEM) at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research (FIMR), and Kenneth Shepard, PhD – Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Co-PI of the NeuroTechnology Center (NTC) at Columbia University.

Key Note Speakers: Kevin J. Tracey, MD – President and CEO of The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and Warren Grill, PhD – Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University.

Scientific Advisory Committee: Eric Chang, PhD | Timir Datta, PhD | Anil K. Malhotra, MD | JoJo Platt, Neurotech Strategist| Stavros Zanos, MD, PhD | Theodoros Zanos, PhD.

Day One: Tuesday, October 11, 2022 (08:00a – 08:00p)

Opening Remarks & Welcome: Yousef Al-Abed, PhD | Kenneth Shepard, PhD

Key Note Address: Kevin J. Tracey, MD

Session 1: Neurotechnology in the treatment of brain diseases: Successes, challenges, and new frontiers. This session will focus on discussions of the technological, translational and clinical development aspects of bioelectronic therapies for brain disorders.

Host: Stavros Zanos, MD, PhD

Moderator: Robert Froemke, PhD, New York University

Panelists: Riki Banerjee, PhD, Synchron | Florian Solzbacher, PhD, University of Utah| Tim Denison PhD, University of Oxford

Session 2: Bioelectronic medicine for neuropsychiatric disorder. This session will feature discussions on 1: Neuro-vascular modulation: How electrical stimulation activates vascular function and why it matters, 2: Transcranial magnetic stimulation for drug and alcohol use disorders: state of the science, 3: Recent advances in personalizing brain stimulation: connectivity, anatomy and EEG, 4: Electrical field modeling and electroconvulsive therapy.

Host & Moderator: Anil Malhotra, MD

Panelists: Marom Bikson, PhD, The City College of New York of CUNY | Colleen Hanlon, PhD, Wake Forest School of Medicine | Daphne Voineskos, PhD, University of Toronto | Miklos Argyelan, MD, Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research

Session 3: Emerging devices and neural interfaces: Does innovation happen by addressing known gaps in technology or is it best driven by addressing researcher needs? This session will focus on new technologies and interfaces for stimulation and biosensing including electrical, optical, chemical, ultrasound, and other novel approaches. Investigators will discuss their perspective on, and past experience in, developing new technologies either in response to existing needs or as a means to enable new approaches.

Host: Timir Datta, PhD

Moderator: Eric Van Gieson, PhD, DARPA• Panelists: Flavia Vitale , PhD, University of Pennsylvania |Shadi Dayeh, PhD, UCSD | Jesse Wheeler, PhD, Inner Cosmos | Dimitrios Koutsouras, PhD, IMEC

Session 4: Decoding of Neural Signals and the use of data science and machine learning in neural systems as applied to bioelectronic medicine. This session will focus on the efforts to understand how the computations performed by neurons relate to perception, movement, memory and other complex behaviors, and the decoding algorithms developed to translate sensory and motor neural signals into volition, perception, mental and disease states.

Host and Moderator: Theodoros Zanos, PhD

Panelists: Maryam Shanechi, PhD, USC | Konrad Koerding, PhD, University of Pennsylvania | Lorenzo Rossi, PhD, WebBioBank – Newronika | Sridevi Sarma, PhD, Johns Hopkins

Session 5: Neural regulation of immunity: Controlling the immune response through the peripheral nervous system: This session will cover recent advances in neuro-immunology, with a focus on bi-directional communication between the nervous system and immune system.

Host: Eric Chang, PhD

Panelists: Gloria Choi, PhD, M.I.T. | Asya Rolls, PhD, Technion | Brian S. Kim, MD, Mount Sinai | Jeremy Borniger, PhD, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


05:15p: Poster Session & Cocktail Hour

06:30p: Dinner Buffet

08:00p: After Hours Networking & Cocktails

Day Two: Wednesday, October 12, 2022 (08:00a – 05:30p)

Welcome: Kevin J. Tracey, MD

Key Note Address: Warren Grill, PhD

Session 6: Bioelectronic approaches to the treatment of peripheral organ disorders. This session will focus on discussions of the scientific, translational and clinical aspects of bioelectronic therapies targeting the peripheral nervous system to treat complex disorders of immunity, cardiovascular system, metabolism and others.

Host: Stavros Zanos, MD

Moderator: Eric Hudak, PhD, NIH

Panelists: Jeffery Ardell, PhD, UCLA | Kevin Otto, PhD, UF | Dennis Bourbeau, PhD, Case Western Reserve University

Session 7: Neurotech – The journey from bench to bedside. A look at how, when, and where neurotechnology makes its way through commercialization featuring the insights and expertise of a world renown neurotechnology researcher, a neurotech investor, a development leader of one of the leading strategic partners in the field, and the CEO of a publicly traded neurotechnology company. In this session, we’ll discuss different pathways and opportunities at every turn of the development arc as well as new and notable trends in commercial neurotech.

Host: JoJo Platt, President, Platt & Associates, Inc

Panelists: Stephanie Lacour, PhD, EPFL | Erika Ross, PhD, Abbott | Jennifer Ernst, PhD, Tivic Health | Amy Kruse, PhD, Prime Movers Lab

Session 8: Bioelectronic data in the wild: Using digital health data from consumer and clinical devices to inform biomarkers of disease and treatment efficacy, device deployment and trial recruitment: This session will focus on the efforts to use various physiological data modalities, combined with computational algorithms, to reveal biomarkers of certain conditions as well as treatment efficacy, enhancing our ability for targeted device deployment and clinical trial recruitment.

Host: Theodoros Zanos, PhD

Moderator: Erika Ross, PhD, R&D Applied Research

Panelists: Brian Pepin, CEO – Rune Labs | Oliver Armitage, CSO – BIOS | Siddharth Dani, Director of Algorithms and Data Science – Element Science | Leah Muller, Data Scientist – Saluda

Session 9: Translating Brain Computer Interfaces: are we reaching an inflection point? The panel will discuss the specific needs of patient populations, and identify key technical, regulatory and commercial roadblocks to widespread patient adoption. It will also review untapped potential and the opportunities of developing meaningful and transparent performance metrics.

Implantable Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) appear to be heading towards an inflection point: in the past decade, the number and frequency of technological breakthroughs has increased significantly. The first generations of commercially available products appear to be imminent. These devices have the ability to become tangible tools to restore lost function and address a variety of neurological disorders. The real life settings associated with in-home use will inevitably lead to reprioritization of technological advancements as well as the emergence of novel practical and fundamental challenges and opportunities. How do we identify and prioritize user, clinician and caretaker needs? What is possible today and what is a realistic roadmap that meets those needs? How does this affect the focus of public and private investments?

Host: Florian Solzbacher, PhD, Co-Founder and Chairman – Blackrock Neurotech

Moderator: Robert Gaunt, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Panelists: Matt Angle, PhD, CEO – Paradromics | Robert Franklin, PhD, Blackrock Neurotech | Jennifer Collinger, PhD, University of Pittsburgh


04:00p – 5:30p: Cocktail Reception


LINK TO APPLY: (please copy & paste into your browser)

The Feinstein Institute for Bioelectronic Medicine and the Columbia University School of Engineering invite you to submit a poster for consideration for presentation at the 2022 Bioelectronic Medicine Symposium. We encourage you to submit your recent work in the area of Bioelectronic Medicine with an emphasis on using advanced technology to treat disease and injury.

(Dates have been extended!) There are a limited number of slots available for poster presenters for Bioelectronic Medicine 2022. The deadline for submissions is September 17, 2022. Acceptance decisions will be made and communicated by September 22, 2022. Three posters will be nominated by the judges for elevation to oral presentations during the symposium. Invitations for oral presentations will be communicated by September 23, 2022.

Poster Submission General Information: • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that an author may submit for consideration. However, each poster must be represented at the symposium by an affiliated author.

• A presenting author of each accepted abstract must register for the symposium. “Early Bird” pricing rates will be extended at the appropriate level (student, faculty, industry) through September 30. Accepted authors that register after September 16th will be responsible for the full price of registration at their corresponding level. Abstract submission and/or acceptance does not automatically register you for the event.

• You must have retained copyright authority for any submissions.

• All data and research reported, referred to, or used must conform to generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, and analysis.

• All submissions must be HIPAA-compliant.

• Reviewer scores and comments are confidential and will not be made available to anyone (including authors) outside of the immediate review process.

• Three accepted submissions will be elevated to an oral presentation during the regular course of the symposium program. If selected, submissions will be eligible for publication in “Bioelectronic Medicine”; submission fees for publication will be waived for the three winners.

• If selected for oral presentation/publication, additional information may be required under the guidelines presented here. It is the sole responsibility of the submitting author to meet and present any additional information required for publication.

• The dimensions of the poster board on which you will display your poster are a maximum of 30 inches high by 40 inches wide. Please make certain that your poster does not exceed these dimensions. Accepted posters must be setup by 8:00a on October 11, 2022 – standard easels will be provided.

Event Registration, Hotel, and more!

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated on the ticket type, room and board ARE included in your ticket purchase. Attendees will check-in on Monday, October 10th and Check-out on Wednesday, October 12th.

All ticket sales end on September 30, 2022.

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• Venue: The Garden City Hotel.• Check-in: Monday, October 10, 2022 (starting at 4:00pm EDT).• Check-out: Wednesday, October 12, 2022 (between 9:00am – 11:00am).

Attendees MUST secure their rooms by contacting the hotel with event code ‘BEM Summit 2022’ – this will ensure you are booked under the event package. Please contact The Garden City Hotel reservations office via 1-516.747.3000.

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