Startup Series – GTM and Sales Pitch

Jan 27, 2023

Jan 27, 2023

12:30 pm To 3:30 pm

Corporate Office, New York, NY 10022

$0 - $195

Event Description

Pitch to 50+ Corporate Partners

Summary: Proven and actionable go-to-market program, developed based on collective expertise of Silicon Valley’s, top founders with unicorn exit and prominent investors. Ideal for global startup founding or leadership team from series A to Post IPO, across industries (Enterprise, Consumer, EdTech, Health, BioTech, Media, Finance, Energy, FoodTech, AgroTech, IndustriesTech, Travel, Mobility, Food, Hardware, etc.), excluded are Gaming, Crypto, NFT, Meta and Entertainment.

Agenda: Format (3min Zoom GTM Pitch) verbal with no deck

Part I: Digital Tech (Deep and Emerging Tech) Cyber Included.

Part II: Science based Innovation (across industries)

Part III: Hardware Tech (i.e. Mobility, Space, Industries, etc.)

Pitch (Member and Program Graduate, otherwise sign up here to ensure you are ready for GTM sales pitch and join our members here: / Exchange /Sign up)

GTM Partners: Open to Global Fortune 2000 who can write a $500k PO check minimum.

Note: No public or guest access, strictly for startup, corporate and channel partners.


OneTraction Impact Ventures

About the Organizers

OneTraction Ventures:sponsored over 100 Global Events with leading Corporations, Universities, Venture Capital and Law Firm, we are an Impact Ventures investing and supporting startup, along investors, Corporate and Academic partners who are fully dedicated into solving the worlds pressing challenges, and primarily offer product or services that benefit positively both the end users and our environment with zero negative impact. Visit our site: or past events here:

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