Rise Presents: The Future of FinTech

October 20, 2020

October 20, 2020

10:00 AM To 11:00 AM

Online Only



Event Description

A conversation about current FinTech trends and how they will impact the FinTech ecosystem in the future.

A panel discussion comprised of futurists, thought-leaders, and experts to discuss whether current trends are setting the precedent for future ideas or whether they are flashes in the pan. What is the future shaping up to look like and who will lead the way?

Event Takeaways:

  • Learning about current FinTech trends and how they are shifting the traditional financial industry; what role in these trends does the consumer play?
  • Identifying key disruptors in FinTech today
  • Challenges of FinTech in the near and distant future
  • What is in store for the FinTech industry in a post-COVID world?
  • FinTech and spending – will current conversations around the dollar bill and “cashless” spending impact FinTech in the longrun?
  • What are the current FinTech trends and how can they evolve in 2021 and beyond?

This conversation will be moderated by Jacob Bouer, Director of Strategic Partnerships at The Venture Center

Panelists include:

  • Sandra Ro – CEO at Global Blockchain Business Council
  • Ron Shevlin – Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors, Senior Contributor at Forbes, Fintech Snark Tank
  • Jon Zanoff – Founder, Empire Startups
  • Jatin Rajput, Founder, Ad-In Ventures

*The link to access the discussion will be sent to you prior to the event and will be accessible on this event page.


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