QuBit Conference New York 2021

May 5, 2021

May 6, 2021

10:00 AM To 2:00 PM

New York, NY, USA


    Event Description

    1st virtual cyber security Qubit Conference New York – May 5-6, 2021
    Go from “undetectable” to “secure.”
    What processes, tools, people and mindset do you need to create a cybersecurity- centric culture to strengthen your security posture?
    2 day unique cyber security community online conference:
    📅 Day 1 – Executive talks, CISO talks, Networking
    📅 Day 2 – Tech talks, Raffle
    During the 2 days you will be able to gain the latest info from cyber security experts, strengthening and building business relations, expose your company brand and gain CPE credits.
    What we look for:
    💡 Seasoned speakers with original, innovative, and creative insights on the topic and session outline
    💡 Real-life stories, strategies, and mind-opening ideas, key-take aways from your implementation practices and case studies packed with actionable advice that conference attendees can right away apply to their challenges at work
    💡 Panelists are selected based on their diverse professional backgrounds to ensure balance in the topic’s coverage: technology or industry experts, law enforcement & regulations, industry analysts
    Submit at https://nyc.qubitconference.com/call-speakers/
    Conference overview
    Qubit Conference New York is a global community of cybersecurity experts and key decision-makers, bringing together a holistic revamp of the cybersecurity domain.
    We are creating this immersive digital experience for our audiences to enable them to tackle the most resilient cybersecurity challenges on strategic levels, advancing the state of cybersecurity. This space encourages the open dialogue between cybersecurity experts and CxOs to align on the current industry status, share, exchange, and explore proven practices, real-life stories, strategies, and mind-opening ideas.
    New York
    The destination that puts together senior high level 250+ cyber security experts from Northeast region, joining us for the CISO talks, keynotes and sharing the lessons learned in 2020.
    Unique friendly atmosphere, offering networking opportunities with top care of QuBit team members and chances to win prizes.

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