Q&A with French Economist & Managing Director of Fintech Start-Up

Jan 25, 2023

Jan 25, 2023

7:00 pm To 8:00 pm

515 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10027



Event Description

Join the French Cultural Society and Maison Francaise in a Q&A on Yann Coatanlem and his most recent published work

Coatanlem is a French economist and business executive. He earns his title as an economist from an expansive experience in economic research and advising, including being a member of Board of Directors of the Paris School of Economics where he focused on the development of economics and social science programs in high school. Much of advising work influences the main themes of his most recent book Le Capitalisme Contre Les Inegalité (Capitalism Against the Inequalities), in which he explores concrete paths towards greater societal equality in the face on climate change, expanded socio-economic chasms, and technological revolution. In 2018, he received the Special Prize of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences for his book Le Gourvenement Des CitoyensThe Government of Citizens.

Beyond lending his expertise to economic policy, Coatanlem is also the head of a research department at Citigroup, and a Managing Director of DataCore Innovations, a FinTech start-up specializing in ESG financial products.

In an effort to bring successful french stories to campus, the French Cultural Society is honored to invite Coatanlem to campus. We encourage the audience to read one of his books before the conference to prepare for a fruitful conversation on Coatanlem’s trajectory as well as socioeconomic solutions towards societal equality.


Columbia University French Cultural Society


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