PrimeTimeVC x NYC Tech Week

Oct 11, 2022

Oct 11, 2022

6:00 pm To 8:00 pm

335 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017


Event Description

PrimeTimeVC Live is partnering with Bolster during NYC Tech Week

Come join this electric VC lineup:

Nihal Mehta – Founding MP @ ENIAC Ventures

Jenny Lawton – EVP @Bolster, former COO @Techstars

Cat Hernandez Parter @The Venture Collective

Aubrie Pagano GP @Alpaca VC

PrimeTime VC is bringing its game show format to a live audience! We will kick off the madness with Four Venture Capitalists debating the latest news in tech, funding, and innovation. The goal of these events is to showcase the unique skillsets and opinions of veteran and emerging fund managers through a little competition!

Run of Show:

6pm: Networking, Joe’s Pizza and Beer/Seltzers provided.

7pm: It’s Showtime!!

8pm: Happy Hour at local bar + Networking

This event wouldn’t be possible without our partners:

Bolster – Looking for talented executives? You’re in the right place. Our marketplace of on-demand executives, board members, and mentors is built to bolster your business. Bolster helps startups scale their CEOs, CXOs, and Boards.

Bolster Marketplace Executive-level talent on demand for any company stage

Bolster Prime 18-month program led by experienced mentors to help startup CEOs scale

Bolster Ventures Venture fund that co-invests in select Bolster Prime clients

Company Ventures – NYC-based, seed-stage venture firm. We believe deeply in the power of being in good company while building the future.

For the better part of a decade, via our various programs and investing activity, we have formed a community of exceptional founders building great companies the right way, providing each the ideal environment in which to build with no strings attached.

We invest across industries, but have a focus on digital health, fintech and digital assets, and enterprise software.

IBM zSystems Twitter @IBMZ – The enterprise platform built to build the future of your business. Modernize and increase decision velocity with the new highly-secured IBM® z16™.

First Republic Bank – offers personalized banking services for emerging fund managers. They tailor customized financial solutions to their needs with a perspective rooted in the long term.

Pitch Pages – The first end-to-end solution for fundraising!

HqO – HqO the leading Workplace Experience platform powering corporate offices with Technology to strengthen social infrastructure.

E2Generations – CTO-as-a-Service. A Software development agency helping businesses navigate their digital transformations.

Entre– The Professional Network for Entrepreneurs


PrimeTime VC

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