Picturing the Future of Work

June 17, 2021

June 17, 2021

1:30 PM To 5:00 PM

Online: EDT (USA)



Event Description

Thursday Gathering is Boston’s weekly meeting point where entrepreneurs, researchers, mentors and investors connect to make things happen.

Picturing the Future of Work

The Office Will Never Look the Same

It’s no secret that the move to working from home presented employers and employees with both opportunities for flexible office arrangements, and exposed challenges with managing a remote workforce. Now, as we reimagine the return to the office, we have an opportunity to evaluate our learnings from the past year and think ahead to what the future of work – remote and in person – may look like.

This virtual conference will highlight the challenges faced by employers and employees in imagining the return to work, and will give participants a chance to ask their most pressing questions.

Later, participants will hear from companies revolutionizing employee experiences, and experts conceptualizing office designs of the future. The future of work will never look the same, but we’ll have a hand in shaping it – what do you want it to look like?

Hosted By Venture Café Cambridge

Venture Café Cambridge, activated by Innovation Studio, supports small business owners of all stages and industries in the City of Cambridge and beyond. The flagship Thursday Gathering will continue to offer virtual weekly Workshops, Office Hours consultations, Virtual Conferences and networking opportunities to enhance the innovation process and help people launch successful businesses.


Venture Café Cambridge

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About the Organizers

At Venture Café Cambridge we provide a virtual platform that enables relationship-building for innovation to happen. We connect local entrepreneurs, investors, and enterprises to catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in the Greater Boston area. Venture Café Cambridge is activated by Innovation Studio, a 501(c)(3) non-profit and the leader in offering free innovation services, through a constellation of virtual and physical community spaces. Over the years Innovation Studio has run 5,000+ program sessions, held 2800 office hour sessions, welcomed 250,000+ public lounge users and 265,000+ program attendees, and a social reach 67,000+www.vencaf.org

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