Navigating Layer 1 with Avalanche

May 26, 2022

May 26, 2022

6:30 pm To 8:30 pm

29 Little West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014


Event Description

Please join us for a special fireside chat with Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, the VP of Marketing at Ava labs, the team building Avalanche.

We will discuss the tremendous growth occurring within the Avalanche ecosystem and what the future holds for the Layer 1. In addition, we will explore the integration of Chainlink Data Feeds on Avalanche and how native dApps are using data feeds to secure their protocols.

After the conversation, stick around for pizza, networking, and more information on how to get involved with the Chainlink and Avalanche communities.

Featured Guests:

Jay Kurahashi-Sofue – VP of Marketing at Ava labs


6:30pm-7:00pm: Introductions

7:00pm-7:45pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A

7:45pm – 8:30pm Network and Happy Hour



About the Organizers

Chainlink is the most widely used oracle network for powering hybrid smart contracts, enabling any blockchain to securely access off-chain data & computations.

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