MLOps: Machine Learning in Production / New York City Summit

July 13, 2022

July 14, 2022

11:00 am To 5:00 pm

New York, NY

$0 - $24

Event Description

The virtual summit is dedicated exclusively to MLOps: Machine Learning in Production in New York City

NOTE: Workshops are hosted on the 13th and talks on the 14th of July and pub networking from 6 PM on the 14th sponsored by Qwak

Join us for New York City’s virtual event dedicated exclusively to ML in Production. 

Understanding of the best practices, methodologies, principles and lessons around deploying Machine Learning models into production environments.

The micro-summit includes:

  • In-person networking at Fiddlesticks Pub, Greenwich Village Sponsored by Qwak
  • Virtual talks with 8 Speakers
  • Virtual 3 Workshops
  • Access 8+ hours of live-streamed content (incl. recordings)
  • Talks for beginners/intermediate & advanced
  • Channels to share your work with the community

Join this new initiative to help push the MLOps community forward.


Part of the global MLOps World: Machine Learning in Production this New York City’s chapter will showcase companies and talks specific to the city.

We believe these events should be as accessible as possible and set our ticket passes accordingly.

The TMLS/MLOps initiative is dedicated to helping promote the development of AI/ML effectively, and responsibly across all Industries. As well, to help data practitioners, researchers, and students, fast-track their learning process and develop rewarding careers in the field of ML and AI. 

What to expect at MLOps:

Business Leaders, including C-level executives and non-tech leaders, will explore immediate opportunities and define clear next steps for building their business advantage around their data.

Practitioners will dissect technical approaches, case studies, tools, and techniques to explore challenges within Natural Language Processing, Neural Nets, Reinforcement Learning, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Evolution Strategies, AutoML, and more.

Researchers will have the opportunity to share with their peer’s cutting-edge advancements in the field.

MLOps: Production and Engineering World is held by TMLS and intended to unite and support the wider AI Ecosystem, and companies operating within it.

With an explorative approach, our initiatives address the unique needs of our community of over 10,000+ ML researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs and engineers. Intended to empower its members and propel AI research, & business applications on a global stage, our events attempt to re-imagining what it means to have a connected community; offering support, growth, inclusion for all participants.


Q: What are the technical requirements to be able to participate?

Laptop or personal computer, strong, reliable wifi connection. Google Chrome is recommended to run the Virtual Conference platform.

Q: Can I watch the live stream sessions on my phone or tablet computer?

Yes, the Virtual Conference is accessible via a smartphone or tablet.

Q: Which sessions are going to be recorded? When will the recordings be available and do I have access to them?

All sessions will be recorded during the event (provided speaker permissions) and will be made available to attendees approximately 2-4 weeks after the event and be available for 12 months after release.

Q: Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? There is not. Everyone is welcome.

Q: How can I contact the organizer with any questions? Please email

Q: What’s the refund policy? Tickets are refundable up to 15 days before the event.

Q: Why should I attend the MLOps? Developments are happening fast – it’s important to stay on top.

For business leaders, you will have direct contact with the people that matter most – consultants and experts, potential new hires, and potential new clients. For data practitioners, you’ll have an opportunity to fast-track your learning process with access to relevant use-cases, and top-quality speakers and instructors that you’ll make lasting connections with while building your network. 

The event is casual and tickets are priced to remove all barriers to entry. Space, however, is limited. 

Q: Will you give out the attendee list? No, we do our best to ensure attendees are not inundated with messages.


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