ImfluaXion Virtual Conference

December 1, 2021

December 15, 2021

7:00 PM To 7:00 PM

Online: ET (USA)

$0 - $149

Event Description

The Premiere Business Conference for Women

ImfluaXion is an opportunity for women to gain cutting edge solutions to complex business challenges. Women are building businesses at a higher rate than men, yet the longevity, profitability and sustainability suffer.

Women lead families, businesses, institutions, initiatives and each other with grace, poise and excellence. Now it’s time to maximize our impact on the world, at once.

Thought leaders, influencers, professionals, and entrepreneurs ready to increase positioning, performance and profitability can join the movement to, position to soar beyond the complexities of business leadership.

  • Gain knowledge, skills, abilities and connections to thrive as the authority of your industry.
  • Learn technological solutions to innovate, automate and streamline your systems and processes for increased production and profit.
  • Integrate your existing strategies with improved solutions to complex business challenges.
  • Learn assertive communication strategies of business leaders.
  • Gain access to publishing, media and marketing opportunities.
  • Learn the science behind business mindset.
  • Synthesize your purpose, profit and productivity.
  • Network with award winning influencers and industry experts from around the world featured in Entrepreneurs Magazine, Amazon best-selling authors, International Speakers, and Community leaders.
  • Share stories with other professionals and thought leaders in your industry.

Invigorate your business, captivate your mind, and expand your network.

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Workshop Topics Include:

  1. The Secret Sauce to Managing Virtual Teams
  2. Establishing & Maintaining Global Success
  3. Domination through Communication
  4. Packaging Your Purpose
  5. Monetizing Your Gifts
  6. Education as a Sales Strategy
  7. Captivating Your Target Audience Without Selling


Nobody Greater LLC

About the Organizers

Click here to subscribe to our text messages.Our events are high impact, and inclusive to women dedicated to Authentic Leadership. We strive to build stronger women equipped with the ability to lead, love and live abundantly. Feel free to explore the opportunities to advance with Nobody Greater LLC's initiatives.

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