How to Win Support for Your Big CX Vision (Replay)

December 23, 2021

December 23, 2022

1:20 PM To 2:30 PM

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Join guest Mike Wittenstein, CEO Storyminers, to learn 5 not-so-obvious, but very powerful ways to gain buy-in for game changing concepts

Do you have big ideas for CX innovation but having but concerned top management won’t support your vision?

You’re probably trying to boost profits while helping your company adapt to a massively changed world. You’ve come up with some smart strategies to do just that. So, you present them to internal stakeholders, but instead of buy-in and traction, you get push-back and foot-dragging. It’s frustrating.

If you’re looking to go beyond the status quo and have the big vision in your head earn the support it deserves, join special guest Mike Wittenstein, CEO of Storyminers as he shares tips and strategies for ensuring your big CX vision is not only supported by top management, but embraced by team members performing like heroes, working together toward a clear and successful ending

During this short fireside chat, Mike will share 5 ideas to win support including:

  1. Undercover Tours
  2. Storyboards (before doing journey maps)
  3. Narratives (Future Story is our current engagement name for this)
  4. Stumble-through/Walk-through (key element of Human Prototyping from several years ago)
  5. Start with the Business Case (and bean-counter support)

Mike is a storyteller, CX strategist, digital agency lead, IBM eVisionary, consultant and coach. He wants you to know this is NOT for the faint-of-heart, or first-timers, or those seeking itsy-bitsy incremental CX changes. This is for CX professionals looking to gain support for game-changing concepts.

Immediately following the 20 minute fireside chat, we will have two 20-minute rounds of video networking breakouts with everyone who attends. Reserve your place today to network with CX professionals. Be ready to turn your camera on for the networking breakouts.


  • 1:20 – Meeting room opens for networking via chat
  • 1:30 – Fireside chat begins with Mike and Mark
  • 1:45 – Q&A
  • 1:48 – Program and recording ends
  • 1:50 – Video Networking Round 1
  • 2:10 – Video Networking Round 2
  • 2:30 – End

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Mike Wittenstein, CEO Storyminers

Having ideas and smart strategies but not getting buy-in and traction? It’s frustrating. I know, because I’ve dealt with it too. Right now is your chance to innovate. But if your teams can’t see what your proposed changes mean to them, the status quo will feel more comfortable, they won’t buy-in, and your ideas won’t advance.

Since 2002, my team and I have been helping companies tackle change successfully. We’ve introduced market-proven methods for:

  • Finding a profitable focus
  • Making more valuable promises
  • Making change more profitable and comfortable
  • Improving customer and employee experiences
  • Prototyping future options using stories
  • Identifying new revenue streams
  • Creating internal alignment for whatever is next
  • Encouraging accountability amidst the chaos
  • Getting and keeping people on the same page

Over the course of 800 engagements in 100 cities, Storyminer clients have earned $2 billion in value by applying what we taught them. Results like that come regularly.

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Mark Michelson, CEO/Producer, CX Forums

I connect people in the CX community to create new opportunities. I’m curious about everything. My mission in life is to help people understand each other. This mission has paved the way on an incredible journey as an entrepreneur for 36 years in the marketing research industry.

I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to 70 countries where I’ve met many interesting and talented friends. I’m very curious about everything and passionate about learning new things. Fortunately, my lifelong career as a market researcher has suited me professionally and personally since starting my first company in 1984.

Since starting CX Talks and now CX Forums, I’ve furthered my mission and purpose in connecting individuals and communities. With the CX Forums events online and in-person I strive to create meaningful and memorable online programs and in-person events.

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