Fourth Bioelectronic Medicine Summit

September 23, 2020

September 24, 2020

9:00 AM To 1:30 PM

Online Only

$75 - $225

    Event Description

    We are pleased to welcome you to the Fourth Bioelectronic Medicine Summit: Technology Targeting Molecular Mechanisms.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fourth Bioelectronic Medicine Summit is being hosted virtually. It is the goal of the organizing committee to facilitate an exchange of science and knowledge while ensuring all can participate in discussions safely.

    The meeting will call international attention to bioelectronic medicine as the platform for new developments in healthcare, technology, and science. Leaders in bioelectronic medicine will discuss current progress, challenges and future developments.

    Click here to learn more about bioelectronic medicine at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research.


    Day 1 – Wednesday, September 23

    8:45am: Welcome Remarks, Kevin J. Tracey, MD, The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research

    Session 1: Materials Science & Electronics

    Session Chairs: Chad Bouton and Loren Rieth, PhD

    9:00-9:20am: Gene Civillico, PhD, National Institutes of Health, SPARC, Data and tools from the NIH SPARC program to catalyze the development of next-generation therapeutics

    9:20-9:40am: Molly M. Stevens, PhD, Imperial College London, Designing new materials for Bioelectronics applications

    9:40-10:00am: Eric Glowacki, PhD, Linköping University, Optoelectronic medicine – nongenetic means of nerve cell regulation with light

    10:00-10:20am: Christopher Bettinger, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Ultracompliant hydrogel electronics for electrophysiological monitoring

    10:20-10:40am: Panel Discussion for Questions

    10:40-10:55am: Break

    Session 2: Bioelectronic Devices in Preclinical Research

    Session Chairs: Timir Datta-Chaudhuri, PhD and Daniel Grande, PhD

    10:55-11:15am: Chris Puleo, PhD, General Electric, Non-invasive neuromodulation using ultrasound: A work in translation

    11:15-11:35am: Stavros Zanos, MD, PhD, The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Targeting populations of fibers in clinically-relevant vagus nerve stimulation

    11:35-11:55am: Robert Rennaker, PhD, University of Texas at Dallas, Technologies and therapies to enable persons with neurological injuries to reach their full potential

    11:55am-12:15pm: Panel Discussion for Questions

    12:15-12:30pm: Break

    Session 3: Defining Circuits

    Session Chairs: Eric Chang, PhD and Peder S. Olofsson, MD, PhD

    12:30-12:50pm: Saroj Mohanta, PhD, Institute for Cardiovascular Prevention, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Neuroimmune cardiovascular interfaces form atherosclerosis brain circuits

    12:50-1:10pm: Daniela Carnevale, PhD, “Sapienza,” University di Roma, Neural control of immunity in hypertension

    1:10-1:30pm: Silvia Conde, PhD, CEDOC, Nova Medical School, Personalized bioelectroceutical modulation of carotid sinus nerve: a novel approach to treat type 2 diabetes

    1:30-2:00pm: Panel Discussion for Questions

    2:00-2:15pm: Break

    Session 4: Clinical Trial Updates I

    Session Chair: Cynthia Aranow, MD and Ona Bloom, PhD

    2:15-2:35pm: Bruno Bonaz, MD, PhD, University of Grenoble Alpes, INSERM, France, Vagus nerve stimulation in Crohn’s disease: A 12-month pilot study outcomes

    2:35-2:55pm: David Chernoff, MD, SetPoint Medical, Electrical activation of neural reflexes for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

    2:55-3:15pm: Suraj Kapa, MD, Mayo Clinic, AI and bioelectronic medicine: A vision for future research and collaboration

    3:15-3:45pm: Panel Discussion for Questions

    3:45-4:30pm: Poster presentations

    Day 2 – Thursday, September 24

    Session 5: Keynote Speaker

    Introduction: Kevin J. Tracey, MD

    9:00-9:20am: Lawrence Steinman, MD, Stanford Medicine, TBD

    9:20-9:40am: Question and Answer Session

    9:40-9:55am: Break

    Session 6: Frontiers in Bioelectronics Development

    Session Chairs: Theo Zanos, PhD and Stephan Bickel, MD, PhD

    9:55-10:15am: Magnus Berggren, PhD, Linköping University, Organic bioelectronics operating at the speed and resolution of neuronal signaling

    10:15-10:35am: Kip Ludwig, PhD, University of Wisconsin, The jump from animals to humans: How to make the jump easier

    10:35-10:55am: Larry Miller, MD, The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Electrical stimulation of sphincter muscles

    10:55-11:15am: Panel Discussion for Questions

    11:15-11:30am: Break

    Session 7: Clinical Trial Updates II

    Session Chair: Ashesh D. Mehta, MD, PhD

    11:30-11:50am: Doug Weber, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, TBD

    11:50am-12:10pm: Daniel Yoshor, MD, University of Pennsylvania, TBD

    12:10-12:30pm: Panel Discussion for Questions

    12:30-12:45: Break

    12:45-1:30pm: Poster Presentations

    1:30pm: Concluding Remarks

    Scientific Organizing Committee:

    • Sangeeta Chavan, PhD – co-chair
    • Valentin Pavlov, PhD – co-chair
    • Yousef Al-Abed, PhD
    • Kevin J. Tracey, MD – past-chair
    • Peder Olofsson, MD, PhD – past-chair
    • Chad Bouton – past-chair
    • Meredith Burcyk, MHA – planning and support
    • Octavia Davis – planning and support


    The deadline for submissions has been extended until August 1, 2020. Please click here for instructions and to submit your abstract. Submissions will be examined by the symposium scientific organizing committee. Submitting authors will be notified regarding acceptance via email. Accepted abstracts must be presented in the form of posters and select accepted abstracts will be awarded a 10 minute poster presentation.

    Registration Information:

    Registration Pricing:

    Extended until August 1, 2020

    • Student/Post-Doc: $75
    • Academia/Non-Profit: $125
    • Industry/Corporate: $175

    After August 1, 2020

    • Student/Post-Doc: $125
    • Academia/Non-Profit: $175
    • Industry/Corporate: $225

    Symposium Sponsors:


    The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research

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