Bloomberg Equality: Race, Money and Wall Street

August 6, 2020

August 6, 2020

12:00 PM To 1:00 PM

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Bloomberg Equality:
Race, Money and Wall Street

One in a series of uncomfortable conversations amidst a national reckoning with systemic racism, creating true equity and building a more just world.

The U.S. banking industry remains one of the most essential sectors in the creation of wealth. The industry also has a long history of redlining and other practices whose adverse impacts still reverberate today as Black Americans trail their White counterparts in home ownership, wages and wealth accumulation. The net worth of a typical American White family is 10-times higher than Black families, $171,000 vs. $17,000, respectively, according to 2016 estimates.

Lack of diverse representation in senior leadership may be part of the problem. Black and Latinx executives hold four percent or less of executive or senior roles in financial services, according to a recent Congressional report. What concrete steps is the industry taking to combat systemic racism in business and personal lending? Which initiatives and programs are working to attract, develop and retain top diverse talent in the industry? How are the biggest banks revamping their succession plans to prepare more Black and Latinx executives for the path to the c-suite? We’ll discuss how the industry can wield its influence to combat racial economic inequality in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic.


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