The Sustainable & Social Investing Conference 2022

Oct 27, 2022

Oct 27, 2022

9:30 am To 5:00 pm

1 Shortlands, London, W6 8DR

$15 - $55

Event Description

A one-day conference and exhibition for private investors who want to learn more about sustainable, social and ESG investing

Sustainable investing. Social investing. Impact investing. Ethical investing. Socially-Responsible investing. “Green” investing.  

Just a few of the many terms that are used to describe how investors today want their money to make a difference, as well as providing good financial return.

Sustiain.Social will give you more insight, more knowledge and more confidence to make the decisions best-suited to your interpretation of how you can invest “for good”.

Topics covered during the day include:

  • Can private investors afford to ignore ethical issues?

  • How to build your own, multi-asset, sustainable portfolio

  • Digital Impact Investment panel

  • How to select investments that fit your criteria – financial and otherwise

  • Why sustainability should be an integral part of your investment strategy

  • What impact does your investment have on the world around you?

Sponsored by M&G Investments, and with speakers from the last event, including

Stephen Porter, Scottish Widows

Nanne Tolsma, Satelligence

Ben Constable-Maxwell, M&G Investments

Moira O’Neill, interactive investor

John Featherby, Shoremount

Gervais Williams, Premier Miton Group

Mike Appleby, Liontrust

Mohan Gundu, Sustainable Funds Group

Dr David Paul, VectorVest

David Harrison, Rathbone Greenbank

Jamie Broderick, Impact Investing Institute

Justin Urquhart Stewart, Regionally

Maria Municchi, M&G Investments

Adam Harris

Margaret-Ann Splawn, Climate Markets & Investment Association

Invest for your future

There is a huge movement, right now, towards sustainability, and making sure that your portfolio reflects the trend is a smart move. After all, businesses that solve the sustainable and social problems facing the world today, are tomorrow’s unicorns – set to flourish.

Attend the Sustainable & Social Investing Conference and learn about digital impact, renewable energy breakthroughs and more. Put yourself at the cutting edge of investing and learn how to transition from fossil fuels and mining into growth technologies you can be proud of.


Investor Conferences (UK) Ltd

About the Organizers

The London Investor Show, London Trader Show and the Sustainable & Social Investing Conference are owned and organised by Investor Conferences (UK) Ltd.  Launched in July 2010 by Lisa Campbell, Investor Conferences is dedicated to supporting private investors and traders by providing access to independent training and education, as well as to the companies supplying relevant products and services, and potential investment opportunities. Investor Conferences organises the following successful events each year: London Investor Show  – Stock Market Investing and trading London Trader Show - Trading Sustain.Social (The Sustainable & Social Investing Conference) - for investors who want to learn more about sustainable and socially-conscious investing.    Contact us on +44 (0)20 7193 4541 or email for further information and any enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to welcome you to an event in the near future.

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