The Marketing Meetup: The first one back!

October 19, 2021

October 19, 2021

5:45 pm To 7:45 pm

184 Cambridge Science Park Rd, Cambridge, CB4 0GA


Event Description

The Marketing Meetup: Cambridge is an informal, friendly place for the marketers of Cambridge to meet, learn, and share knowledge.

The Cambridge Marketing Meetup is an informal, friendly place for the marketers of Cambridge to meet, learn, and share knowledge with one another. Come in ‘listen’ not ‘sell’ mode 🙂

This will be our first in-person back since Covid, so all expectations are out the window. We just want to get back together, say hello, have a chat, and have a nice time.

The focus of the event will therefore be very much focused on that – you meeting other people. For those of you who attended pre-Covid there will be some small changes to help us all achieve that.

– We’ll still have a talk – but this will be the single talk of the night rather than the two talks of old.

– It seems sensible to not serve food at the moment, but we will put out drinks!

– The Bradfield have robust Covid measures in place so we’ll be following those

There is no pressure on anyone to come – we will be running events every two months from this point on so take it at a pace you’re comfortable with. If you’re ready… then let’s have a lovely night in the company of some amazin’ people.



To be announced


The format of the night:

5.45 PM – Doors Open – Drinks, Networking, and smiles

6.30 PM – Introduction and Talks Begin

7.00 PM – Talks Finish, Networking, Listening, Saying Hello, and Positively Lovely People – A nice chilled out time 🙂

7.45 PM – End of the night – you leave with new contacts and fresh ideas


Partnered with:

Brand Recruitment – The best marketing recruitment company I know and wonderful supporters of the meetup.

Redgate Software – A software company on the up and up, proudly Cambridge based, and always looking for marketers.

Cambridge Marketing College – The best place to get your marketing qualifications and more.

Bravo Marketing – Lingo-bingo-free creative marketing agency, led by the gent that is Barry Richardson

ContentCal – Ditch those stressful spreadsheets – organise all your content marketing in one beautifully simple calendar.

Third Light – Third Light is a global software company based in Cambridge, UK. Our next-generation digital media library, Chorus, simplifies the storage and management of digital media, or ‘digital assets’ and is accessible from anywhere and on any device. Our customers include the Royal Albert Hall, Nascar, Southampton FC, Bafta amongst others.


And finally…

Please let your marketing friends and colleagues know about this group too, I hope to build it into a great resource for the community over the coming months and years. Attendance will be taken at this event. If you RSVP ‘Yes’ and then do not come, you will receive a strike. Three strikes and you’re outta here! This is simply a measure to allow appropriate respect to the organisers, speakers, sponsors, and your fellow community members 🙂


See you there!


The Marketing Meetup

About the Organizers

The Marketing Meetup was set up with the duel mission of providing somewhere lovely to network, and a great place to learn about relevant marketing topics.  The latter is easier to address. The Marketing Meetup provides marketers with a place to learn from expert speakers. Talks are pitched at a Marketing Manager/Solo Marketer in a medium company/Freelancer level – meaning to say we tend to take things to an ‘intermediate’ level in the events, while the workshops are for more advanced stuff.  On the providing somewhere lovely to network front, we have just tried to create the events we would like to attend. The three values that hold our events together are:  – Listening. Ever get that nagging feeling someone is trying to sell to you, or simply thinking about the next clever thing they are going to say while you’re talking at a networking event? Yep. Us too. We thought it was annoying so we actively encourage everyone who walks through the doors of the Meetup to build a genuine human relationship with their fellow community members first, before thinking of business later. – Saying hello. Networking events are reeeeeeally intimidating for a lot of people. So we’ve tried to create an environment where saying hello to a new person or someone stood by themselves is totally normal and seen as a good thing. Hello really is the hardest word in networking. – Being positively lovely. A lot of this should be obvious, but The Marketing Meetup is a place where we encourage you to put the needs of the people in front of you first. Although slightly counterintuitive, we’ve found people end up getting a lot more in return when looking to help others first.  As well as these things, we also believe where possible we should be eco-conscious, try to get a 50/50 male/female in our speakers, and be welcoming to anyone who wishes to enter our community. We are ultimately a community of ideas, not job titles.

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