Management of Electrical Risk when operating on electrified lines

Feb 8, 2022

Feb 8, 2022

10:00 am To 11:00 am

Online: GMT (UK)


Event Description

An exploration of Guidance Note on the Management of electrical risk related to operational tasks on electrified lines (GEGEN8575)

RSSB is hosting a number of webinars you can watch remotely, while having the opportunity to engage and ask questions about key updates and initiatives.

Guidance Note GEGEN8575 issued Dec 2021

An opportunity to gain further background and insight into the recently published Guidance Note on the Management of Electrical Risk Related to Operational Tasks on Electrified Lines (GEGEN8575).

Following the December standards catalogue briefing, this dedicated webinar give the opportunity to hear from some of the team who developed the guidance and the consequential rule book and hand book changes.

GEGEN8575 provides railway undertakings and infrastructure managers (station operators) with guidance on the management and assessment of electrical risk arising from exposed live parts when undertaking operational tasks on AC and DC electrified lines.

This guidance can assist organisations in demonstrating how the relevant legal obligations set out in the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 are being met.

If you are a safety professional within an organisation with responsibility for the management of workforce safety, this is likely to be of particular relevance to this kind of role. So if you can, get ahead of the curve and join us.

Followed by opportunities for Q&A.

The event is open to anyone who would like to attend. Please register using the above link and the webinar address will be sent to you in the confirmation email.

If you would like to submit any questions before the webinar, please do so by emailing us at:

Please note the webinar will be recorded but if you wish to ask a question you can do so anonymously.



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