Global DeFi Conference 2022

Apr 27, 2022

Apr 28, 2022

1:00 pm To 9:00 pm

Online: GMT (UK)

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Event Description

The Global DeFi Conference 2022

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The Global DeFi Conference is a virtual event and will take place from 27th-28th April 2020 with 80 of the world’s leading DeFi innovators, building the future of decentralised finance.

Over two days, Tech Circus will explore the new technologies enabling the financial revolution to understand the philosophical and societal impact on the world around us!

Featuring industry-leading speakers like:

🗣 Michael Kong – CEO of Fantom

🗣 Lisa Loud – Founder of FluidFi

🗣 Vijay Krisnan – Director of Technology at Consensys

🗣 Fakhul Miah – CEO of Creda

🗣 Sarojini Mckenna – Co-founder of Alien Worlds

🗣 Maxim Galash – CEO of Coinchange

🗣 Vanessa Grellet – Head of Portfolio Growth Coinfund

This online event will be facilitated by our amazing platform with:

⭐️ Networking, tables, lounges & speed networking

⭐️ Instant on-demand content. Rewatch any talk directly after it has finished

⭐️ Sponsors expo hall, claim exclusive offers.

⭐️ Interactive stages, polls, Q&As & chat rooms.

⭐️ Members directory – set up meetings with anyone directly!

One of the distinct benefits of these online events is getting to mix with a global audience of speakers, sponsors, brands, businesses and attendees instantly!

Overall, The Global DeFi Conference will bring together the worlds of traditional and decentralised finance through Tech Circus’ Fintech audience and connections in the Web 3.0 space to explore the future of DeFi.

There will be one-of-a-kind conversations and insights as-well-as inspiration from the people discovering the potential of the financial revolution.

Come along and listen to the industry elite, meet your next big investor, or make some friends for life!

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