Commercialising Quantum 2022

May 16, 2022

May 18, 2022

8:00 am To 6:00 pm

Online: GMT (UK)

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Event Description

From qubits to profits
Achieving near-term quantum advantage and readiness
May 16th-18th 2022
Quantum is coming…sooner than you think!
“40% of large companies are planning to create initiatives around quantum computing by 2025” (Gartner).

Optimists think that with a bit of luck and progress, the first commercially relevant applications of quantum computers will appear within the next two or three years, with the finance industry likely to be an early adopter. The potential is so great, and the technology is advancing so rapidly, that every business leader should have a basic understanding of how the technology works, the kinds of problems it can help solve, and how they should prepare to harness its potential.

Boston Consulting Group foresees quantum computers improving the operating income of their users by between $450bn and $850bn a year by 2050. A growing number of companies and investors today are hunting for “quantum advantage”—a way in which even today’s limited error-prone unstable machines might have an impact on their bottom lines, or those of their customers. However, all the hype around quantum computing has made it difficult to separate the viable applications in the short term from possibilities that are still years or decades away from being realised, if ever.

Our inspiring inaugural event will help you resolve this dilemma and determine where to invest today for the best business outcomes tomorrow.


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