Tech Lead Conference 2023

Mar 9, 2023

Mar 10, 2023

4:00 pm To 5:30 pm

Online: CET (BEL)

See website for fee details

Event Description

Welcome to the conference about leadership and seniority in teams! 20 engineers, managers and HR from leading companies will give talks on topics as careers and soft skills. We’ll discuss how to become more senior and get more influence in the company, get a promotion and achieve what you want in your career.

Enjoy talks and Q&As on March 9 from 4pm to 9pm CET. And join discussion rooms on March 10 from 4pm to 6pm CET. It’s a remote event on both days.



About the Organizers

We organize events for a bigger cause — we want modern Tech Community to become a better place for developers and enthusiasts alike by encouraging professional growth opportunities, skills evolution and nurturing passion for the craft.

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