FunnyBizz Conference: Where Business Meets Humor

June 9, 2016

June 9, 2016

9:00 am To 5:00 pm

777 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, 94105, US

Event Description

FunnyBizz Conference In the land of infinite distraction the one who tickles the funny bone reigns supreme. As business entertainment and comedy become ever more intertwined savvy startups leading ad agencies and Fortune 500 firms alike are turning to humor as the ultimate tool for being memorable amidst the ringtones and vibrations of modern life. At FunnyBizz we teach you how to tap into humors power. In just one raucously entertaining day our elite roster of speakers will teach you essential principles of comedy improv and storytelling how to apply those concepts to you and your business and generally show you how being funny can make you more successful. Why Use Comedy Techniques Because thats what the people wantTodays generation has been socialized to receive info via humor. They want infotainment not information. Clients dont watch 2020 or Nightline for news they have been watching Stephen Colbert John Oliver and Jon Stewart. They want and expect information delivered with a punch line. Because science says soThe brain doesnt pay attention to boring things notes John Medina a biologist and author of the bestselling book Brain Rules. Laughter triggers a dopamine release which aids memory and information processing. Its like a mental postit note that tells your brain remember this. Because thats what the people share A scientific study out of LSU finds Humor was employed at near unanimous levels for all viral advertisements. Consequently this study identified humor as the universal appeal for making content viral. Also most of Unruly Medias top viral videos of 2013 use humor to encourage audiences to click on the share button. What You Will Learn at FunnyBizz Storytelling techniques for building an authentic brand How to maximize the virality of your content The key role of laughter in building loyal communities How being funny can make people want to work with you and buy from you The recipe for delivering hilarious speeches and consistently funny copy How improv techniques increase productivity inspire engagement and encourage a creative corporate culture Who Is FunnyBizz For Startup CEOs and founders looking to transform their key messages and pitches into a compelling story. Content Professionals and Social Media Managers looking to improve their messaging Marketing PR Advertising and Communications professionals looking to add humor to their company voice. Brand managers looking to create a loveable brand that stands out from the noise. Sales and business development professionals who want to make their presentations and pitches more entertaining. Community builders who want to make their communities more fun and engaging. Entrepreneurs looking to gain a competitive advantage. Transferrable bands Cant attend the entire conference Buy one ticket attend the morning then trade wristbands with a colleague so they can attend the afternoon. Thats awesome Most conferences dont do that Thankfully we are not most conferences. Follow our updates on Twitter funnybizzsf using funnybizz 2016 Speakers They are always awesome Scott Dikkers Founder The Website Sarah Cooper Writer Comedian Creator THECOOPERREVIEW.COM Website Tom Fishburne Marketoonist and Founder of Marketoon Website Matthew Latkiewicz Creative Director at Zendesk Website Chris Lindland Founder Betabrand Website Bryan Kramer Bestellling Author TED Speaker CEO Pure Matter Website Andrew Tarvin Humor Engineer Author TED Speaker Website Rebecca Stockley CoFounder BATS Improv Website Peter McGraw Behavioural Scientist Author The Humor Code Website Robert Lambrechts Head of Development POD Entertainment Pereira ODell Website David Spark Founder Spark Media Solutions Website Marty Wilson Author of 15 books Former Australian Comic of the Year Website Paul Charney Founder and CEO Funworks Website Don McMillian Named No.1 Corporate Comedian by CBS BNET Website David Nihill Founder FunnyBizz Author Do You Talk Funny Website Agenda 800am Registration breakfast bites networking 900am Welcoming remarks by conference organizers Stage I. 910am What makes things funny by Peter McGraw 9.35 am Everything I needed to know about content marketing I learned drawing cartoons by Tom Fishburne 10.00 am How to write funny by Scott Dikkers 1025am Coffee break by Paramo Coffee Stage II. 1045am How to create hilarious content people will be dying to share by Sarah Cooper 11.10am Finding nonboring ways to communicate about your boring company by Matt Latkiewicz 1135am How to add humorous stories to your content and get more engagement by Marty Wilson 1200pm Is it Powerpoint thats boring or your content A demonstration by Don McMillian 1215pm Lunch networking Stage III. 145pm Embracing your inner Focker to create great content by Bryan Kramer 205pm Engineering humor A process for creating humor that works by Andrew Tarvin 235pm How to bring humor places it has no business being by Robert Lambrechts 300pm Panelized How all panel discussions should be 315pm Coffee break by Paramo Coffee Stage IV. 335pm How far funny can get your company by Chris Lindland 355pm Improvisation and your creative process by Rebecca Stockley 415pm Clients comedy and extreme collaboration original ideas by Paul Charney 435pm Speechlesslive. Where presenters present a Powerpoint deck full of images they have never seen before. Really. 455pm Closing remarks 500pm 600pm Happy hour networking Testimonials By the end of the day at FunnyBizz I was exhausted from learning and laughing. Id planned to sneak out after lunch but like a fat lady with a bucket of bonbons I was just like ehhhhh… just one more. Its not your usual convention. Its much more fun. More interactive. I feel taught. I feel full. I feel good. Bringing more creativity into your workplace is great. Ryan Anderson Bell CoFounder BackLamp I learned more at FunnyBizz about content marketing than Ive learned at a dozen normal conferences. Smart marketers know the value of making people laugh and FunnyBizz gave me realworld examples of how to incorporate humor without looking stupid. David B. Thomas Senior Director Content and Engagement Salesforce Most conferences are like swimming in a nice comfy bowl of familiar oatmeal. This one was more like putting on a cape and diving off a building. FunnyBizz delivered more than takeaways and actionable ideas. FunnyBizz delivered a modechanging experience right into my brain. If you can only go to one conference a year it should be this one. Suzanna Stinnett Founder Bay Area Bloggers Society I have never seen the audience SO ENGAGED and speakers who are experts SO FUNNY. Vasil Azarov CEO Startup Socials Another year another wonderful experience at FunnyBizz. Great organization and top notch speakers. The flow was perfect never a chance to get bored but also never felt rushed during networking opportunities. Chris Jennings Content Producer Creative Live A very satisfying mix of entertaining and informative. Thats good content Also enjoyed community vibe. Did not feel like a normal conference atmosphere. I left inspired to share my experience with coworkers. Jamey Austin Content Marketing Manager at Atlassian A place where humor and tech mix together in a mutually beneficial bath. Joahua Walters Performer Educator TED speaker Snap Judgement Found this conference to be immensely useful. Loved the info about B2B and the fact that the speakers were generally encouraging marketers to be bold and unafraid of pushing boundaries. Rebecca Faulkner Associate Creative Director Brand Design atStubHub Spend a great day with some of the most insightful and entertaining speakers you have ever encountered musing on how the complexities of business can be rendered more simple by making people smile. Bruce Dundore Creative Director The conference was awesome Great lineup of speakers made us laugh and got us thinking. I came away with several ideas I can put to use immediately including a new tag line. Adrienne Dale Pivotal Consulting As VP of Sales and someone who does startups for a living I am on 8 it provided important value in helping us know how to have a greater impact with our messaging and interaction with customers i.e. too make it stick and be remembered.Highly recommend this for any executive of a company of any size as the concepts are universal tell a story that has the right amount of humor and cleverness is the key and is relevant to your product. Rich Walker Business Development Manager atDenodoTechnologies Original and super interesting idea of a conference how to use humor in business to boost sales and have fun while you build a brand and a business. Great stuff. Loic Le Meur Serial Entrepreneur and Co Founder of Le Web Conference When I first attended FunnyBizz it was like going out on a blind date with someone I met on I was surprised to learn my date was not only a rock star but then also smart and funny as hell Im hooked FunnyBizz and I are married for life. Definitely one of the coolest most innovative business conferences out there today Mauricio Vergara Director Business Development Corpacademy The most entertaining TEDlike talk series I have ever attended Kristen Powers WHAT A HOOT Spent the day at the FunnyBizz Conference and walked away with pithy actionable information to up the entertainment value of marketing content and make messages more memorableplus between chuckles I made a bunch of great new connections. Moss Karndener Brand Strategist Product Marketer Creative Director Great fun day A really balanced mix of lookwhosdoingityoucandoittoohereshow speakers and ideas. Ive already messaged my team about all of us attending next year. Beth Chargin Senior Information Designer at Intuit Perfect pace and tempo proper of speakers hilarious ending learned a lot and it does appeal to a broad audience from MarketersContent writers to Founders and leaders that are Sales orientated. Humorous throughout picked up some great content and tips WILL highly promote this event. Ian Casey Founder CV Partners My biggest concern walking into the venue was that I would be highly entertained at the expense of actually learning anything. Boy was I wrong The variety of speakers struck just the right balance and I took lots of notes on strategies and ideas that I want to try when I get back to work FunnyBizz could teach other conferences how its done Jennie Tan Founder I really enjoyed the conference and it made me think outside the box. Not only did I laugh a lot of course but I learned so much about storytelling and presentation skills which is hugely important when youre vying for attention in a busy place like Silicon Valley. I would highly recommend this conference. Grainne Barron Founder and CEO Viddyad FunnyBizz conference was the most interesting and frankly one of the most useful conferences that I have attended. The speakers were unique and thought provoking while being fun and creative. Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to bring some creativity innovation andor fun to their company Shannon Mosier Principal Parthenon Group I always wished something like FunnyBizz existed a forum for people who want to dig at the intersection of comedy and business to get together share ideas and network. And now it does. Rajiv Satyal Brand Manager Consultant Comedian I thought this was a great idea for a conference with a relevant but real point of difference and it lived up to my expectations. Thought provoking inspiring enjoyable informative fast paced interactive yes and funny Janet Standen Director of Consumer Insights Instant Insights Lab This was a homerun type of a conference. If conferences were like this I would have one scheduled every week. 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